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Owner Account Stats
Posted on Jul 10th, 2020

Here's a few interesting DCCCLOA statistics:
- 4300 lots
- 2425 unique lot owners
- 650 owners have given us their email addresses - 25% (up from 612 in April and 577 in March)
We are working to get as many owner email addresses as possible. This will allow us to communicate with owners electronically and will reduce the amount of time and money it takes to handle annual invoicing and answer owner questions. Those with email addresses in the system receive an email receipt of maintenance fee payments.
- 645 owners are delinquent in paying their dues by 3 or more years (down from 691 in March 2020). Of these, we have no contact information for 208 because of incorrect or no addresses in our system and in the Matagorda CAD System