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Be a Good Neighbor - Adhere to Deed Restrictions
Posted on Jun 26th, 2023

The DCCCLOA Deed Restrictions were put in place to create a minimum standard and to help ensure that owners are mindful and respectful of the greater community. While there are some differences between the documents for each section, there are a couple of things that are consistent:
1. No lot or part thereof may be used for commercial, business or professional uses of any type (except for Section 8 on FM 457).
2. No more than one residence shall be erected on a lot.
3. No part of any lot shall be used for the dumping of rubbish, trash, or other waste. All waste will be kept in sanitary containers.
4. An annual assessment shall be charged to the owner on each lot for expenditures as determined by the DCCCLOA for the benefit of the owners of all lots. The annual assessment shall be paid by each and every lot owner and is secured by the Vendor's lien which is expressly created and retained upon each and every lot.
Please do your part by keeping your lot/s in compliance and by paying your annual maintenance fees each August. The Board has received many complaints from lot owners about their neighbors not following deed restrictions. This has prompted us to take action.
Please be advised that the DCCCLOA Board began sending out deed restriction violation notices in earnest in the summer 2020 to property owners that are not following deed restrictions. The Board's initial focus is on the most egregious violations and those that threaten the health and safety of the community as a whole. The Board investigates and reviews complaints received from fellow lot owners. Lot owners can utilize the "Contact Us" section of this website to report violations. The Board also encourages all owners to directly contact Matagorda County and/or other government agencies regarding activities that cause health and safety concerns or water and air contamination/pollution concerns, as these agencies are ultimately responsible for enforcement.
The Board is acting in good faith and upholding its responsibility on behalf of ALL owners. If you receive a deed restriction violation notice, please contact us. The Board is aware that there are many deed restriction violations that have existed within the DCCCLOA for quite some time, with no action being pursued. We ask that owners be good community citizens and not use this as an excuse or justification for ignoring deed restrictions as mandated by State law.  
If a lot owner is in need of assistance in bringing their property into compliance, they should contact the DCCCLOA, as it may be able to help find volunteers and/or resources to help owners rectify long-standing issues.
Thank you.