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Electronic Invoicing and Credit Card Payments
Posted on Jun 18th, 2020

Beginning with this year's maintenance fee invoicing cycle, lot owners that have provided email addresses for their accounts will receive invoices by email. This will be a big time saver for the volunteers that handle the annual invoicing process. It will also save money in reduced printing and postage fees.
We are also happy to announce that the association can now accept credit card payments! Owners that receive electronic invoices will be able to click on the credit card option and quickly make their payment. As with all businesses, the association does have to pay electronic transaction costs for each payment received. For this reason, a $3 Electronic Transfer Fee will be added to all invoices. Owners that elect to pay invoices in a non-electronic manner are not required to pay this fee.
If you haven't done so already, please update your account with your email address. You can do so by registering as an owner on the DCCCLOA website.